Studio Layer One (SL1): Content Marketing Blog + Freelance Service

Studio Layer One (SL1) is an insightful blog and a consultancy—specially designed to guide entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bootstrapped startups toward future-proof marketing solutions.

A Holistic Framework: Systems Engineering

SL1 integrates principles from systems engineering to provide a holistic approach to content marketing. The goal is to craft a strategy where every piece of content and every marketing tactic fits together like a well-oiled machine, maximizing both ROI and long-term sustainability.

Freelance Services Offered

 I bring a holistic approach to your marketing needs, from crafting budget-friendly, high-impact strategies to generating SEO-focused written content. Regarding social media, my management services are an extension of the content strategy expertise that stems from my years in SEO, providing you with a coherent and unified approach across platforms. If you are curious about Bitcoin, I offer consultation explaining Bitcoin as both a monetary network and a wealth preservation strategy for your business.

Adopting A Bitcoin Standard

What sets SL1 apart is its dedication to becoming a fully realized Bitcoin project. Pay for consulting services in Bitcoin and enjoy a 21% discount.

The long-term ambition is to evolve SL1 into a Bitcoin-centric operation—from accepting Bitcoin payments to using Unchained Capital for custodial services, running my own Bitcoin node and Lightning channel, and eventually exploring the potential of micropayments and streaming sats.

The journey is a long one, but the roadmap is clear. As SL1 grows, the plan is to engage marketing professionals worldwide, paying them in Bitcoin to support the broader Bitcoin circular economy.