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SEO: The Base Layer Of Content Marketing

SEO is the base layer of content marketing, forming the foundation for a value-driven strategy. Inspired by Bitcoin and Systems Engineering, I see SEO as more than just keyword play—it's the essential framework that brings alignment and efficiency to your entire content strategy.
SEO: The Base Layer Of Content Marketing
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If you've spent any time working in SEO, you've undoubtedly run into this problem: Few people understand what SEO-friendly content is and how it works; fewer people understand its actual value.

Inspired by Bitcoin and SystemsEngineering, I started tackling the "is SEO worth it?..." question by describing its base layer role in content marketing, i.e., its foundational role in supporting an entire content marketing system.

Let me know if this resonates with you...

SEO is a competition to capture organic search across multiple platforms like Google, Bing, Duck-Duck-Go, YouTube, Pinterest, and more. Rather than being an labyrinth of complexity, good SEO content simply requires satisfying a user's search intent clearly and concisely.

This makes informational blog content a cornerstone in the realm of SEO.

Creating a robust, evergreen SEO strategy is straightforward. The objective is to build a well-organized web of interconnected content; content that varies based on the business, niche, or individual.

It starts with a core set of topics and expands outward, always adhering to logic and providing genuine informational value—rather than publishing content for the sake of publishing content.

Informational content pillars and key business pages serve as the skeleton of your site. These are then supplemented by sub-topical blog posts acting as the connective tissue—providing internal linking and relevant context to both readers and search engines.

To demystify the process of building an evergreen SEO strategy like this, imagine writing a textbook on a specific topic, with each chapter being a deep dive into a sub-topic. Stick to this model, and you're on the right path.

But why is SEO the "baselayer" of content marketing? Because it seeks to provide complete and concise explanations of topics within a competitive system.

The content that best delivers informational value is what wins a position on a search engine result page (SERP)—provided general best practices are followed, of course.

This feedback from SERPs, and the SEO strategy it inspires, is invaluable to content marketers. It paves the way for other content marketing initiatives, offering a directional framework that's particularly beneficial for cross-platform connectivity.

For instance, a single blog post can inspire a collection of Instagram and Pinterest content; an optimized outline can set the stage for podcast topics and interview questions—enhancing the connectivity and efficiency of your overall content marketing efforts. This also allows blog posts to be further enriched with subject matter expert quotes and podcast clips, creating yet another avenue for repurposing content on social media. When it comes to presentations, effective ones serve as concise and engaging upper-funnel overviews. But for audience members seeking a deep dive, a well-structured SEO strategy and comprehensive blog series offers that next layer of depth.

So, thinking of SEO merely as a gimmicky marketing tactic is a mistake.

When viewed from a systems engineering perspective, SEO is the base layer that brings alignment and efficiency to your entire content marketing system.

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