Jake Morr, Content Marketer For Hire

Based out of Los Angeles, California—I'm offering consulting and freelance services and am open to 3-6 month contracts or salaried roles.

Yo! Thanks for visiting. If you decided to reach out, use the contact button below and it will take you to an email form on wotterdog.com, another work-in-progress project 😋 

$75/Hour (21% off if you pay me in Bitcoin)

  • Consulting: A 1-hour video call about content marketing for your business, followed by a summary write-up.
  • Content Strategy: Creating a content audit and strategy grounded in systems engineering and backed by years of SEO experience.
  • Bitcoin Explained: A 1-hour video call in which I explain what Bitcoin is and why your business should consider an allocation for long-term wealth preservation.
  • Blog Web Design: Need to spin up a Squarespace, Substack, or Ghost blog like this? Let me help! I can build basic sites on most platforms and offer consulting on larger projects—like building a custom blog with Webflow.

$50/Hour (21% off if you pay me in Bitcoin)

  • SEO Writing: I offer not only high-quality writing but also, with seven years of experience in SEO, writing that is inherently aligned with an overarching SEO strategy. I'm a two-for-one deal (Blog Writer + SEO Specialist).
  • Podcast to Blog Post Conversion: I will create summary blog posts from your podcast episodes.


  • General Copywriting: This covers everything that doesn't fall under SEO-oriented tasks—social posts, ad copy, taglines, scripts, press releases, etc.
  • AI Image Generation: Using MidJourney and Photoshop, I will generate featured images and thumbnails for your content.
  • Photographer & Videographer (Los Angeles): Available for photography and video-related content creation in LA.

Salary & Contract Roles Of Interest (In-House)

  • Marketing Systems Engineer — FT
  • Marketing Director (or Assistant) — FT
  • Marketing Manager — FT
  • Blog Manager — FT
  • Social Media Manager — FT
  • SEO Specialist — PT/FT
  • Blog Writer — PT
  • Project Manager — PT
  • Social Media Coordinator — PT

Salary & Contract Roles Of Interest (Agency)

  • Marketing Systems Engineer — FT
  • Content Strategist — FT
  • Brand Strategist — FT
  • Blog Writer — PT
  • SEO Specialist (Hired Muscle) — PT
  • Paid Media — PT

About Me

I'm a seasoned content strategist with seven years of SEO experience. Inspired by systems engineering, I offer a holistic approach to content marketing to minimize a misallocation of time and resources.

SEO forms the foundational layer of content marketing, making my strategic thinking valuable for all aspects of content marketing—from podcasting and social media to newsletters and blogs.

As a consultant, the time invested in me can save you headaches in the future and ensure you're heading in the right direction.

As a freelancer, I serve in a demand-response role, offering à la carte services to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and bootstrapped companies that can't afford a full-time marketing specialist or a quality agency.

As an SEO writer, I provide quality blog writing with the inherent benefit of strategic thinking from my career in SEO.

And as a content marketer, more broadly, I am capable of and interested in expanding into new specialties like project management, paid media, social media, influencer marketing, journalism, etc.

Checkout my thoughts on marketing below to get a better grasp of how my brain works:

Marketing Thoughts (Read/Listen)